In the new era
of sales, the
margin of error
is paper thin.

Our proven sales coaching methodology combined with our hand holding and active learning approach ensures that your sales person or team learn, master, and apply new behaviors when and where they matter most — in front of the customer.

The Question you need to ask: How do I achieve better sales across my team?

Build Skills. Build Sales Muscle. Outsource.

build modern Selling behaviors and capabilities.

In this new era of sales, one of your biggest differentiators is the experience of your prospect journey and driving value early in the realtionship. By helping your prospects to better understand the true nature of their business issue and how best to address it allows you “compete” on a new and different playing field.

. It is not about manipulating or controlling the customer, it’s about credibility, nurturing trust, and driving value for the customer and, in return, creating sales opportunities.

Successful selling today are not achieved through one tactic or approach. It requires a broad set of selling skills and capabilities that are constantly used, moulded and refined where and when needed.

our simplified process

step one

Connect and Search

We will have a digital meeting to discuss your recruitment requirements and certain personality traits your industry specifically need to succeed. Once we understand who you are looking for we will search our network and database for those select few candidates who might fit the bill.

step two

screen and select

Once we have screened only the best candidates, we will select the top 3 candidates who possesses both the right aptitude and attitude and the required skillset to become a valuable asset to your team. We ensure all due dilligence are done and the proposed candidates are not only world class, but also a great fit. 

step three

Meet and Greet

To save time, and ensure minimal disruption in your diary, our 3 High Caliber candidates will line up for digital meetings to determine if we need to rethink our candidate list or who will be invited for that 2nd interview, the important face-to-face.

step four

Hire, Intergrate and Coaching

With a strong follow-up and coaching process, we quarantee a smooth hiring experience. We will help your candidate integrate and hit the ground running with one-on-one sales coaching with one of our sales experts.

Tell us about your ideal sales candidate,
and we will find the best for you.

recruits the following

Sales Leadership

Sales Leadership Recruitment comes in many shapes in forms. We will assist in finding a mature person with a proven managerial tack record, or that young mover and shaker to establish a new team or to recruit for succession integration. We will help in crisis situaltions and emergency hires in a very confidential and swift manner.

Objectives of Change:
Sales Figures Turn-Around Strategy
Sales Team Growth and Refresh Strategy
New Territory or Market Penetration Strategy

Roles we Recruit:
Sales & Marketing Managers
Regional Sales Managers
National Sales Managers / Directors

Sales Personnel

The best sales talent in the market is seldom on the market, the no.1 reason to be strategic and proactive in your sales hire process. We have developed a very attractive model to ensure we gain the attention of the best talent in the field. Our biggest goal is to ensure a hero placement, they should perform consistantly and be coach-able, not always easy.

Role we Recruit:
Business Development Managers
Sales Representatives
Account Managers
Pre-Sales Consultant
Sales Administrators
Sales Engineers
Sales Analysts
Channel Managers
Area Managers

where we recruit

Health Care
Talk to one of our Experts

Karen Wessels

CEO and Head Sales Coach

Karen has a very successful sales career track record. She started on the ground, knocking on doors and progressed to be the Founder of many sales related businesses operating internationally.

Karen is still involved in selling on a daily basis, where the one moment you’ll find her doing Sales Master classes on Business Day TV and the next moment managing a sales meeting for one of her businesses.

Karen has coached and employed many sales people throughout her entrepreneurial journey, and Sales Recruitment was a natural progression for her quest to conquer the sales world and in so doing prove that sales is possible for all, and not scary in the least if you understand the fundamentals.

we will help you move from frustration
to happy and crushing sales targets

here is why

No huge double digit percentage placement fees. We believe in a Risk-Share model. We need to ensure a quality placement with a retention of at least six months to get paid our fees in full.

Every placement of Rethink Sales will recieve One-on-One Sales Coaching from one of our experts. They will be assisted in fields like team integration, sales objections and strategies, etc.  designed to fast track success and ensure retention and team stability.

Our whole team comes from a successful sales background. Our business was designed with sales success in mind, not a mere sales placement. We understand the REAL struggles of finding quality sales staff with high retention.

Because we really get and understand it, you can feel comfortable with the idea that Rethink was build with you inmind. We have felt the inadequate systems and processes of the industry, and we will correct it.

We are out to disrupt the sales recruitment industry, that’s is our declaration.

We know how you feel about sales recruitment, we will fix it.

We really understand the value of a performing, and stable sales team. We will help you on your journey in crafting a high performance sales team. You finally found a partner that got your back for the long term.

More peace of mind

where sales recruitment
meets sales coaching

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